MARINE FORECAST VALID 26th September to 2nd October 2023.

1.1 Wind Speed & Direction:

  • South-easterly winds are expected over Tanzania and Kenya waters; southerly winds turning into south-westerly over Somalia waters with wind speeds of 10 to 20 knots (5-10 m/s) throughout the forecast period.

1.2       Sig. Wave Height and Direction:

  • South-easterly waves expected over Tanzania and Kenya waters; south-easterly turning into southerly waves expected over Somalia waters with wave heights of 1.2 –2.1m (≈ 4 – 7ft) throughout the forecast period.

1.3       Sea conditions

  • Slight to moderate sea condition with wave heights of 1.2-2.1m (4-7ft) expected over the Western Indian Ocean basin throughout the forecast period.
  • Gentle to fresh breeze with wind speeds of (10 to 20 Knots) expected over northern parts of Somalia waters throughout the forecast period.