Message Type:
Heavy Rainfall
Message Update No:
Advisory No:
Date of Issue:
27 Apr 2021 15:00
28 Apr 2021 15:00 - 01 May 2021 15:00
Moderate probability of occurrence( 33% to 66%)
Message Description:

Flashfloods are likely to occur in areas harboring the border of Ethiopia and Kenya. This is as a result of the expected heavy rainfall of more than 50mm/24hrs over the Ethiopian highlands that may cause outflow to the neighboring catchments in Mandera, Marsabit, and Wajir counties.

Areas of Concern:

Counties: Mandera, Marsabit and Wajir.


Residents in all the mentioned areas are alerted to be on the lookout for potential flashfloods that may occur in places where heavy rainfall has not been received and especially in areas which are known to be water paths from the neighboring Ethiopia.

Message Addressed To:

Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forestry; Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forestry; Principal Secretary Ministry of Environment and Forestry; the Presidency; National Intelligence Service, Kenya Red Cross, Kenya Maritime Authority, Kenya Ports Authority, National Disaster Operations Centre, National Disaster Management Unit, Media, Relevant Government Ministries, Council of Governors, County Directors of Meteorological Services (CDMs).

Director, Kenya Meteorological Department