Floods and droughts are the main extreme weather events that ravage Sub-Saharan Africa bringing with them complex challenges to an already hard-hit continent. Kenya has not been an exception, as it has had its fair share of disasters resulting from these hazards. While floods have been associated with loss of lives, landslides, damaged property and infrastructure over vast areas, frequent droughts have led to food insecurity, especially in the arid and semi-arid lands of Kenya. Over 80% of the Kenyan landmass falls under arid and semi-arid climates where droughts and floods are the predominant extreme events. This makes Kenya prone to climate vagaries. The effects of droughts and floods have been devastating in Kenya. Whereas floods inundate large parts of arable land destroying crops, killing livestock and destroying property, droughts on the other hand cause decline in water levels affecting agricultural activities, livestock keeping and in worst cases causing loss of lives