Forecast for the May 11th to 17th 2021
seven-day period:
Several parts of the country are likely to continue
receiving rainfall.
• Heavy rainfall (more than 30mm within 24 hours) is
expected over some parts of the Highlands West of the
Rift Valley, Lake Victoria Basin, Central Rift Valley,
Northwest, South-eastern Lowlands, Northeast and the
Highlands East of the Rift Valley (including Nairobi
County) during the first half of the forecast period.
• Rainfall intensities are likely to reduce over most parts of
the country during the second half of the forecast period.

Review of weather for the last seven-day
period (3rd to 9th May, 2021):
Rainfall was recorded over most parts of the country. There
was a significant increase in rainfall amounts over most
• Day-time (maximum) temperatures decreased throughout
the country while night-time (minimum) temperatures
increased over some stations and decreased over others.