Title Time Required To Generate Remarks
Onset and Cessation of rains 3 days
Trend analysis 3 days
Wind analysis, Windrose 1 day Renewable energy
Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index 3 days Drought and Flood index
Frequency analysis 3 days Extremes, Return Periods
Intensity-Duration-Frequency curves 10 days Design, build, operate infrastructure
Runway ground reporting format Proposed New product Status of runway due to wetness
Met folder 30min
Route Forecasts RoFor 30min Wind, thunderstorm & turbulence
Airep 30min
SigMet, AirMet, GaMET 1 hour SigMET (tropical cyclone, volcanic ash, air turbulence, severe storms)
Windshear warning 30min
Aerodrome warning 1 hour
Landing forecast (trend) 30min
Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts 30min
Takeoff forecast 30min
Metar, speci 30min
24-hr forecast for fishermen on Lake Victoria 3 hours One for night, one for day
Shipping forecast 6 hours Daily
Hydromet bulletin 6 hours Issued Monthly